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Meet Blaire & Blake Morgan



Blaire lives to dance! At 8 years old she holds Rugrat World Champion titles in Line Dance & Pro Am. In 2018 she was awarded the 'Rising Star Award' at the Crystal Boot Awards.  She takes this all in her stride and her feet are firmly grounded. She simply dances for the love of it. Blaire has the most loving and caring personality and loves to be around positive people. She takes nothing for granted and thanks everyone who has actively supported her in her journey so far.


Blake is a free spirit! A 6 Year Old Volcano of spontaneity! While Blake has amazing musicality and rhythm he does not wish to follow in his sister's footsteps. Blake has a wonderful sense of humour and has a cheeky smile. His energy and zest for life has no bounds. Blake loves music and is always singing and he has a keen interest in cars.


Blaire and Blake hosted their first show during the first UK National Lockdown to Reach Out to everyone and provide two hours of fun and a look at life through their eyes. Part 2 followed later in 2020 and there have been requests for further shows. So Watch This Space!


Blaire's choreography

Links to Blaire´s stepsheets on Linedancer & Copperknob

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