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I first started dancing at the age of 4 back in 1992. At this young age I started training in Ballet and Tap. It surprises some people that I used to do ballet as I used to be on the larger side of life and I was always guaranteed a comment of being 'Light on my feet'.

From there I went on to stage school and learnt modern jazz and continued in tap and ballet. It was my 2nd stage school that I was introduced to line dancing, back in 99/2000 and where I met my instructor Hillary Kurt-Webster. In an instant of learning my first dance I was, as they say, hooked and I wanted to learn more. I attended Hillarys' classes once to twice a week and then found more classes and it expanded to 5 or 6 times a week.


I met my wife Dot at one of the classes I used to attend and together have 4 beautiful children (2 being my step-daughters) and 1 angel baby - Jacob. So far only 2 of them have shown some sort of interest in line dancing – I don’t force it upon them – and they learn when they want to. My son has expressed interest in break dancing before and has attempted it but currently goes to scouts instead.


Moving on to my classes…. I currently run 3 classes a week, 2 on a Tuesday and 1 on a Wednesday evening all ranging from Absolute Beginners to Intermediates and I have a fabulous group of dancers that regularly join me and not to mention my lovely helpers.


Outside the world of line dance, I now work for a funeral directors. This was something I was interested in from when I did my work experience with my school 13 years ago. Being an independent company, it was hard to get into this field, but have now joined a larger corporation and work with an amazing team of people.


The entertainment industry has always been in my blood as my father was a ballroom dancer (never seen him dance lol), also due to me always dancing in some form and because of attending stage school.