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I have been involved in the world of linedance since 1996 after a family holiday to Texas and seeing it out there for the first time!

I would never have believed 23 years later I would still be just as hooked! Linedancing is my passion in life and I have met some amazing life long friends.

I have been extremely lucky in that I won a Crystal Boot in January 2015 for my AB dance "My Guy"  and have been nominated for my part in three other dances since, "A little love trip", "Twisting" and "Everybodys Here AB".

The highlight of my linedance "career" has to be DJing at the Crystal Boots in 2018, and again in January 2019, in the main "Big" ballroom! An absolute honour and dream! 

Teaching at "Eurodance" in June 2016 as awesome too!

I run events in Benidorm twice a year at the Hotel Levante Club and the Hotel Marina ( - March / April AND October time!

I was born in Sidcup, Kent, UK in 1965, moved to Spain in 2003 and have a son, Josh, who is 23 and whom I am very proud of. I have been with my partner, Fred, since 2006 and live in Villajoyosa with him and our house full of pets! 

I am on the Linedancer Radio Management Team and love being part of the running of this station along with my fellow Team members, Betty Drummond and our brilliant team of DJ´s all of whom give their time voluntarily. I do 2 regular shows a week and often "cover" for other DJs when they are away. 

Benidorm 2020 Jingle
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